Adam Sandler and filmmaker duo Josh and Benny Safdie are reuniting for a follow-up to their 2019 hit “Uncut Gems”.

According to entertainment news outlet Variety, Netflix has come aboard to produce and distribute the project.

The details of the new movie have been kept under wraps but the team plans to shoot it in 2023.

Sandler told Vanity Fair in a recent interview that the new movie will be just as intense as “Uncut Gems”.

“Once that Safdie Brothers movie starts — and I love those guys, I know we’re going to dedicate ourselves into working our asses off and making sure it’s as good as it can be, and I know that takes a lot of time.

“I see how hard (Josh and Benny Safdie) work, and just like when I’m working on my comedies with my friends, it means a lot to us. Every joke means a lot. The Safdie boys, every word means a lot to them, every frame of the movie means a lot. So I don’t want to walk through anything. I care about it, and I respect those guys so much,” Sandler had said.

“Uncut Gems”, which generated strong Oscar buzz for Sandler when it released in 2019, featured the actor as a jewellery store owner and gambler, who must find a way to pay off his debts before it’s too late.

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