Season 8 of ‘Reel or Real’ with Anu Ranjan is back. The acclaimed Facebook chat show is back with Anu Ranjan, president of the Indian Television Academy. In the first episode of Season 8 of ‘Reel or Real’ with Anu, Madalsa Sharma, Sudhanshu Pandey and Jaswir Kaur, the cast of ‘Anupamaa’ were the guests.

The chat show began with intense conversations about marriage, adultery, parents, and relationships.

Just after an hour of posting the episode, fans began appreciating the realistic approach of the talk show. 

Many were also excited to see the cast together talk about their real and reel lives.

The comments section after posting the first episode of season 8 ‘Reel or Real’ on Facebook was flooded with fans appreciation. A user wrote, “Very nice conversations. Actual story starts only after k knowing each other,” while another one wrote, “best”.

‘Reel or Real’ is a popular chat show currently in its 8th season. It’s seen the cream of TV industry as guests who talk about their personal and professional lives and the many challenges they face.

In the first episode of Seaosn 8, Anu Ranjan spoke about the three generations of the guest actors on the show. Anu spoke about how today’s generation is more headstrong when it comes to making decisions relating to divorce and marriages.

Talking about older male actors who were completely dependent on their wives to now when men heat up/cook their own food, and the transition that has come in the audiences today, the show’s insightful episode appealed to many.

Watch as the celebrity guests get very real, talking about their reel and real lives on ‘Reel or Real’ with Anu Ranjan on Facebook.


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