Skin Benefits of Tomato-Cucumber Juice: Beautiful glowing skin not only enhances the beauty of the face but is also a sign of good health. But sometimes due to poor lifestyle and lack of attention to food, the face faces many problems like oily, acne. Due to which the person feels himself under stress. In such a situation, cucumber and tomato juice can help in getting relief from these problems. Antioxidants, vitamin C, caffeic acid, vitamin K, silica and vitamin A are found in cucumber and tomato. Using a mixture of these two makes the skin beautiful and glowing. Let us know which juice of cucumber and tomato helps in keeping away the problems of the face.

Keep cucumber and tomato away from these problems-
Get rid of dead skin

The dirt and oil accumulated on the skin clogs the pores. In such a situation, use cucumber and tomato juice to exfoliate the skin properly. The enzymes present in tomatoes and cucumbers help in getting rid of dead skin cells. For this, take out the juice of cucumber and tomato in a small bowl, after mixing it well, apply it on the face and let it dry. After that wash the face with cold water and clean it.

oily skin-
If you are troubled by acne due to oily skin, then use a pack of cucumber and tomato. It has hydrating properties, which helps in reducing the oiliness of the skin. To use it, prepare a thick pack by mixing cucumber juice, tomato juice and ginger juice together well. After that apply this mixture on your face with light hands and leave it to dry for some time.

Get rid of acne-
Use tomato and cucumber to get relief from the problem of acne. It contains not only vitamins A, C and K but also acidic properties, which help in maintaining the pH level of the skin. To use it, take cucumber juice, tomato juice, honey and a spoonful of milk and mix it well for a while and make a thick pack. Now apply this pack on the skin and neck area, let it dry well and then wash the face.

Brought tightness in the pores-
Large and open pores present in the skin work to deposit things like dirt, dust and pollution on the skin. Due to which the problem of acne and pimples starts on the skin. In such a situation, tomato and cucumber juice helps to clean the skin naturally by reducing the pores. To use it, take cucumber juice, tomato juice, lemon and mint juice and mix all the things well. Now apply this prepared juice on the pore area on your face and leave it for some time. Then while cleaning the face, massage the pore area well.

Cucumber and tomato juice helps to overcome the problem of sunburn in summer. Sunburn causes red rashes and rashes on the skin. In such a situation, the juice of cucumber and tomato works to keep the skin cool by reducing the effect of tan. To use it on the face, mix cucumber and tomato juice in honey and curd and apply it on the tanned area while massaging it with light hands.


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