New Delhi: Salman Khan was absent from the Friday episode of Bigg Boss 16 and Saturday’s promo also show Karan Johar hosting the show. And now it is reported that Salman Khan has been diagnosed with dengue.  

According to a report by ANI news agency, the actor has been diagnosed with Dengue and has taken a brief break from hosting ‘Bigg Boss’. 

In his absence, Karan Johar took over the weekend special episode of the show. The promo shows, KJo schooling Gori Nagori who threatened Archana and even Bigg Boss.  

He asked: “Yeh provocation jo Gori ne kiya.. Is it intend to hurt or not?” 
Karan also said that she threatened Bigg Boss in his own show and then asked her if she wants to stay in the house? 

In the promo, housemate Gori Nagori is seen stealing fruits from the captain’s room and then coming out and teasing Archana about it. 
She went up to Archana in the garden and said: “Captain yeh aapke room ke fruits hai. (These are the fruits from the captain’s room.)” 
Archana reacted by brushing her hand on Gori, who lost are her cool and said that she will break her head: “Phod dungi iska sir main.” 
Later, she threatened Bigg Boss by saying that she will hurt Archana. 
“Bigg Boss apka jawaab chahiye. Nahi toh aaj kisike haath pair toot sakte hai.” 

On Friday’s episode, ‘Bigg Boss’ announced that the new head of the house is Archana, which turned out to be a punishment for her. 
Called the most entertaining contestant in the house, Archana broke maximum rules, under the captaincy of Shiv Thakare. Archana and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary violate the greatest house rule by sleeping during the day. 
Annoyed at the other contestants, Priyanka and Archana seek revenge by banging plates during the designated sleeping hours. 
Next day, Bigg Boss called everyone to the living area and authorised Shiv to punish both Archana and Priyanka. Shiv sentences Archana to the circular jail and confines Priyanka inside a wooden box kept in the garden area until the next command of Bigg Boss. 
Addressing Archana’s actions of violating house rules, Bigg Boss announced her as the new captain of the house as punishment until the next morning. 
Contestants join hands to rebel against the new captain. 
From fighting, to not cleaning and even stealing chocolates that are meant for the captain only, contestants push the envelope to give Archana a tough time.

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