New Delhi: The nail-biting contest in the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house has become even more intense with each contestant putting their best foot forward to survive. In Wednesday’s episode, viewers will witness some shocking confessions, fights, and lots of drama!  

At the start of the day, Shalin Bhanot confesses his feelings for Tina Datta to Gautam Vig. Later, Gautam teases Shalin in front of Tina at the dining table, making him blush and jealous at the same time. Will the seed of love reap between Tina and Shalin? Well, we all will have to wait for the revelation.  

Amidst all this, ‘Bigg Boss’ will be today making an announcement asking all the housemates to form two teams led by Priyanka Choudhary and Nimirit Ahluwalia.  The duo, individually, will act as directors and shoot a video featuring Abdu Rozik.  The one whose video is creatively shot and gets maximum likes by the co-contestants gets a special power. Which popular Bahu will get maximum likes and win the special powers will be an interesting watch! 

On the other hand, Archana and MC Stan lock horns, and in a fit of anger, Archana will be seen throwing a glass of water at Stan. Everyone will try to intervene between them, but the situation gets out of control.  

On Tuesday’s episode also there was a major fight between actor Sreejita De and Haryana Ki Shakira, Gori Nagori in the kitchen area, when Sreejita asks Gori to move out of her way. Upset with Sreejita’s way of talking, Gori confronts Sreejita that she could have been more polite. The conversation quickly escalates into a big argument with Sreejita insulting Gori by calling her ‘gawaar’ with zero standards. This angers Rapper MC Stan, who sides with Gori and says that some of the contestants are elitists who gang up against her and humiliate her while using derogatory language often.   

‘Bigg Boss 16’ airs every Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM and every Saturday – Sunday at 9.30 PM only on Colors and Voot. 


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