Kartik Purnima will be celebrated on November 8. Ganga bath has special significance on Kartik Purnima. That’s why a large number of people reach the river banks for Ganga bath and charity. Dev Deepawali is also celebrated on this day, but this year the second lunar eclipse of the year is happening on November 8 on Kartik Purnima.

The Sutak period starts 9 hours before the eclipse. This prohibits any kind of worship or religious work. In such a situation, there is doubt among people on celebrating Dev Deepawali. According to astrologer Santosh Tripathi, there is a ban on any kind of worship, worship or touch during the Sutak period, due to which Dev Deepawali will be celebrated on 7 November this time.

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time of lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse will start at 5.32 pm, and will end at 6.19 pm. The Sutak period will start at 8.10 am and will end at 6.19 pm. After the start of the Sutak period, there will be a ban on darshan in the temples. The doors of the temples will be closed as soon as the Sutak starts. After the end of the Sutak period, the doors of the temples will be opened and after bathing and cleaning, worship will be done and the doors of the temples will be opened for the devotees to see.


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