New Delhi: Television star Debina Bonnerjee and her husband, Gurmeet Choudhary, had their second child, a girl, on November 6, 2022. Their first child, Lianna Choudhary was born to the happy couple on April 3, 2022. Debina is doing a fantastic job as a mother to her two little girls.

Debina’s birth was so complicated that she required emergency surgery. With a series of vlogs, Debina took her viewers behind the scenes of her difficult labour and delivery. Debina currently opened up about the birth of her second child and how she is recovering.

In a conversation with HT, Debina Bonnerjee shared her experience with having a baby, recovering from childbirth, and more. Talking about her immediate delivery, she said, “Everyone, including the doctor, advised me that it is best to go ahead with the delivery, rather than wait and make it more complicated. There was some nervousness, in the last moment when I was going to the operation theatre, but during the whole process I was confident.”

Describing her second pregnancy, she said, “The second pregnancy, initially was a cakewalk. I had no discomfort. It was just so normal, no aversion to food or smell, or constipation. I was shooting, dancing and working out. But in the last month, things went a little haywire. But that is fine. Instead of going through an entirely difficult pregnancy, being bedridden, a little bit of discomfort is fine. At the last minute (before the delivery), we all sat and discussed, that ‘I’m not in my 20s or early 30s, that everything will be fine’. And went ahead with that thought in our mind.”

Debina elaborated on her postpartum recovery saying, “My stitches are cut. There is no dressing anymore. My body is also healing super fast. I’m lactating so well. “ 

“During the pregnancy, it was very difficult for me to move around in the last few days as there was too much water in my stomach. Now, I have started getting massages done, following the right diet. My body is getting back. It feels good to see how the body changed and how it will change again,” she added.

Debina and Gurmeet announced their second pregnancy in August. The announcement came four months after the couple welcomed their daughter Lianna.


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