New Delhi: The sixteenth season of the celebrity reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ started on October 1 and has been on news ever since mainly because of the participation of filmmaker Sajid Khan as the director was accused of sexual misconduct by nine women during the MeToo movement four years back. A petition has been also launched online to remove him from the show.   

Many celebrities including actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi, who was one of the women who accused Sajid, spoke against the director’s participation.   

Now television actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee is the latest celebrity to express her anger over Sajid’s participation in Bigg Boss.  

Devoleena told Aaj Tak, “It is a simple thing – nine women cast allegations against Sajid Khan. Not all of those nine can be wrong. Tell me, will someone install a camera and then abuse? This is why women avoid complaining about these incidents. Even the parents are scared that society will prove the victim as a liar. It breaks my heart to see him on national television, trying to prove he is a hero. I feel bad thinking where is our society headed.” 

“His behaviour shows that a liar will always be a liar. Now it appears that you may do anything and enter Bigg Boss. Ethics do not matter, if you are privileged, your deeds may easily be ignored. Personally, I do not like watching him on the show. If my blood boils enough, perhaps I will quit watching Bigg Boss,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Sajid’s statement on the show about TV actors has also angered Devoleena and Kamya Punjabi. In a video, Sajid Khan is seen conversing with MC Stan where he says that TV actors think this is their world but he is above them all. Sajid says, “Main baap hu ye sab cheez ka.” He says he can play games too but he isn’t playing. 

Reacting to this comment, Devoleena tweeted: Well I tried to avoid the existence of a particular person in the house. But again #TVindustry ke actors hai?? I mean, everyone is on TV to clean their images and earn money. I am so freaking done with these people. Each TV actor reached here due to their hardwork, not because of nepotism, groupism. Just stop bloody commenting on tv actors. @BiggBoss #bb10.” 

Kanya Punjabi too took to Twitter to express her displeasure and wrote, “Humko lagta nahi hai,humko pata hai yeh hamari duniya hai.. yeh duniya humne banai hai apni mehnat se apne passion se,aur hamari audience hamare fans hamari taakat hai so aap zaroor baap honge but TV ke nahi!You are just a contestant here like everybody else! #Biggboss” 


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