Diwali is a festival symbolizing the joy of Lord Shri Ram’s return to Ayodhya. This year this festival will be celebrated on 24th October. Pt. Rajeev Sharma of Balaji Jyotish Sansthan told that on this day, on Chaturdashi Udaya Tithi, Amavasya will start from 5:27 pm and Hasta Nakshatra will be till 2:41 pm. After that Chitra Nakshatra will start. On this day Pradosh Kaal will be from 5:43 pm to 8:16 pm.

Pt. Rajeev Sharma told that these five Choghadiya Muhurtas are available on the night of Deepawali, Benefit, Uddeg, Shubh, Amrit and Char. He said that a bandanavar of mango leaves should be put at the place of worship. Also bring five Banyan leaves and three Ashoka tree leaves.

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Make a swastika symbol on banyan leaves with turmeric mixed with curd and write Shri on Ashoka leaves. Keep these leaves in worship. Instead of keeping money after worship, keep them. In worship, place a red and a white stone at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi. The combination of both forms Moon-Mars Yoga. Keep them in your purse after worship. Do not perform aarti of Lakshmi ji after worship on the night of Diwali. One should invoke Lakshmi ji throughout the night.


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