Tips to detox your body after festivals: As much as you are conscious about health, when it comes to dishes and sweets prepared on Indian festivals, then a person finds it a little difficult to control himself. Although sweet and oily food is not healthy from anywhere, but without this food, festivals seem to be in tatters. Most of the people know that sweets prepared with desi ghee and wonderful dishes soaked in sugar syrup affect our digestive system. Despite this, it is inevitable that the mouth waters on hearing the name of the sweet. Result After the festival, your weight not only increases, your health also gets disturbed. In such a situation, if the body is detoxed from time to time in many ways, then you can work by being more active than before, this also makes your skin glowing. Let us know what is the right way to detox yourself after the festival.

The right way to detox
Usually people depend on salads only to detox themselves which is absolutely wrong. If you want to detox your body properly, then first of all, exclude smoothies and starches from your diet. Apart from this, to detox yourself properly, sit in one place and eat food. Try to understand your senses and eat slowly instead of eating fast.

Walk after dinner
Have dinner by 7-8 pm. Walk 1000 steps after a meal. Also, chew your food thoroughly and eat it.

Include at least 45 minutes of brisk walk as walking is considered one of the best exercises for the liver.

A salad bowl is a great option to detox after festivals. Include things like beet, apple, cucumber, pomegranate, lettuce, tomato in your bowl. By adding lemon juice, rock salt and healthy seeds to it, consuming it will not only provide nutrients to your body but will also detox it.

detox water –
Detox water not only removes toxins from the body but also improves your metabolism and helps in weight loss. For this, put cucumber and lemon slices in a water bottle and leave it for some time. Keep taking it throughout the day. This is a detox water option to balance the junk that you have eaten heavily during the festive season.

What to do to get old fitness-
People often start exercising excessively or stop eating food to get their old fitness, but both these things can harm your health instead of beneficial. It is also wrong to do so. This puts stress on the stomach. Keep in mind that whenever you exercise now, do not stress your stomach too much. You must definitely add Surya Namaskar to the exercise. During exercise, keep eating something or the other at an interval of 20 minutes, do not let the amount of water decrease. Detoxing yourself through water can prove to be a good option.


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