Roger Federer, a Swiss Tennis player needs no introduction — winner of 20 grand slams, ranked world No 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 310 weeks, including a record 237 consecutive weeks, and has finished No. 1 five times the year-end. Federer owns various records and has a lot to be known for, however, what’s trending these days is not actually related to his professional achievements but his personality and humbleness.

In a viral video, it is seen that a boy named Zizou had asked Federer in 2017 if he can continue to play for 8 to 9 years so that when he becomes a professional tennis player, he can play with him. Federer giggles and says, “Yes”, the boy asks, “Is this a promise,” Federer replies, “Pinky-Promise.”

Five years later, Federer invites the boy, Zizou, to play with him. The boy gasps in surprise and and greets Federer saying, “Hi, Mr Federer,” he replies, “Nice to see you.”

Federer welcomes Zizou and says, “We have a promise, right? Are you ready to play?” Federer and Zizou play, Federer praises Zizou for several good shots. 

People are overwhelmed by this side of Roger Federer. One of the viewers wrote, “Love that he called him Mr Federer. And Federer just said, Roger,” another comment said, “Mister Federer is the nicest gentleman I know.”

Federer Instagrammed his meeting with Zizou recently and wrote: “One of the great benefits of this unbelievable sport are moments like these. Zizou, all the best and keep working hard. PS: I always keep my pinky promises.”

The video then was uploaded by the Good News Movement’s Instagram handle where it received praises across the globe. 



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