Gold Silver Price On Dhanteras 2022: Today is October 22, Dhanteras. Buying gold and silver on this day is considered very auspicious. If you are also going to buy gold and silver (gold silver latest price), then this news can be useful for you. Let us tell you that the rates of gold and silver have been decreasing continuously for the last several days. In such a situation, customers are excited to buy gold-silver. Traders also believe that this year there can be bumper shopping on Dhanteras Diwali. Let us tell you that gold in the bullion market is getting cheaper by about Rs 3500 from this year’s record high. At the same time, silver is getting cheaper up to Rs 15,000. Let’s know the price of gold and silver in detail

3541 rupees cheaper gold
Amidst the fall in the prices of metals in the global markets, the price of gold in the bullion market has come down. According to the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association (IBJA), currently the price of 24 carat gold is Rs 50062 per ten grams. On April 18 this year, gold had reached a record high of Rs 53,603. That is, gold is getting cheaper by Rs 3541 from its record high at this time.

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Latest Gold Rate Carat Wise
The latest price of 24 carat gold is Rs 50,062 per 10 grams.
The price of 22 carat gold is Rs 45,857 per 10 grams.
The latest rate of 18 carat gold is Rs 37,547 per 10 grams.
14 carat gold is being sold at Rs 29,286 per 10 grams.

Strong fall in silver prices
According to IBJA, the price of 1 kg of silver has fallen to Rs 15335 from a record high (Silver price today dhanteras). Let us inform that on March 8 this year, silver had reached Rs 70890 per kg. Currently the price of silver has come down to Rs 55555. That is, silver is getting cheaper by Rs 15335 from its record high. Talking about this week, silver closed at Rs 55555 this Friday against Rs 56042 last Friday. That is, it has become cheaper by Rs 487 in a week. Let us tell you that the rate of IBJA is universal across the country. However, the rate given on this website does not include GST. You can refer to the IBJA rate while buying and selling gold. According to the India Bullion and Jewelers Association, ibja takes the current rate of gold and silver from 14 centers across the country and gives its average value. The current rate of gold and silver may differ from place to place, but there is a slight difference in their prices.

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What do experts say?

Ashish Pethe, Chairman, All India Gems and Jewelery Domestic Council (GJC) said that the industry is cautious despite the moderation in gold prices. Currently, the gold price is around Rs 47,000 – 49,000 per 10 grams and generally the consumer sentiment is positive.
Somasundaram PR, Regional Chief Executive Officer (India), World Gold Council, said, “Purchasing gold as a symbol adds to the positivity around these festivals. Besides, consumer sentiments are looking positive due to reduction in local gold prices.” Suvankar Sen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Senco Gold & Diamonds said that weak prices have a huge impact on demand. No, as a weak rupee has prevented further fall in gold prices.
Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewelers India said that customers are giving more preference to the organized sector than the unorganized sector and thus organized companies will benefit during this Dhanteras.
Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewelers said that this year has been very good since the beginning of the festive season. The main reason for this is the weakness in gold prices.
“We expect this trend to continue during Dhanteras and Diwali as the demand for jewelery remains strong. We are expecting around 20 per cent growth in sales this year.”


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