The planet Mercury is said to be the causative planet of intelligence, logic, communication, mathematics, cleverness and friendship. Budha Dev is also called Prince. Where the person gets auspicious results when Mercury is auspicious. Mercury is going to retrograde in Virgo on 10th September. The retrograde of planets is considered very important in astrology. With the retrograde of Mercury in Virgo, good days will start for some zodiac signs. Let us know which zodiac signs are going to be lucky from September 10-


  • You will get success in the field.
  • For the people associated with the field of education, this time is nothing less than a boon.
  • The economic side will be strong.
  • Your work will be appreciated.
  • Married life will be happy.
  • Spend time with family members.
  • There will be an increase in prestige and position.


  • Good time for transactions.
  • Investing at this time will be beneficial.
  • There will be money and profit, due to which the financial side will be strong.
  • There are chances of progress in job and business.
  • This time is nothing less than a boon for the people of Gemini zodiac.

The fate of these zodiac signs will shine like the sun for the coming 13 days, see are you also included in this list

Leo sun sign-

  • There will be money and profit, due to which the financial side will be strong.
  • Time is no less than a boon for job and business.
  • There are chances of increase in honor and prestige.
  • Relations with higher officials will be cordial in the workplace.
  • Spend time with your spouse.

Scorpio zodiac-

  • This transit will bring happiness and progress in your life.
  • The time is also auspicious for the people who are looking for government jobs.
  • During this time, chances of promotion can also be made.
  • Married life will be happy.
  • Everyone will appreciate your work in the workplace.

By the grace of Maa Lakshmi, these zodiac signs will remain in fun till the end of September, they will progress a lot.


  • During this time the time is auspicious for the students preparing for competitive exams. Spend time with your spouse.
  • By working hard, you will definitely get success in work.
  • You will get an opportunity to participate in religious and spiritual activities.
  • Family life will be happy.

(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that it is completely true and accurate. Before adopting them, please consult an expert in the relevant field.)


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