Wedding is a very beautiful moment in everyone’s life. Everyone cherishes a lot of dreams for this day. To make their wedding photos beautiful, everyone also sets the theme of looks with beautiful decorations. By the way, turmeric is represented as yellow and mehendi is green. But now this trend has become very old. You can set a different theme for your wedding function. See how here-

Kirtan/Ganesh Puja- Bright colors look good for any worship. Most of the people choose red color for the worship before the wedding function. But if you want, you can make yellow and orange colors as the theme of worship.

Turmeric- Most people choose yellow color for the function of turmeric. Be it friends or family, everyone chooses clothes of this color. But now this trend has become very old. If you want something different then you can try floral print for your turmeric. You can set floral print design for your friends and family member. It looks very nice and the photos in this type of print also come very good.

Mehndi- Now there is a special function for the bride and groom to apply Mehndi. In such a situation, most people wear only clothes with green shades. But if you want to do something different then you can include pink color or white colored clothes in your mehndi theme.

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music- Sangeet night is very special. On this night when everyone is giving their performance for the bride and groom, it is very glamorous. In this way, you can make shining clothes the theme of your night. Read also: Why is henna and turmeric applied to the bride and groom in the wedding? Know the amazing reason for filling vermilion in demand


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