Former Australian captain is might impressed with wicketkeeper and batter Dinesh Karthik‘s career trajectory. A few months back, right before IPL, he was nowhere in the picture for selection in India’s T20Is squads. Cut to October 2022, he is part of the Indian team that is going for their 2nd T20 World Cup title. Ahead of the all-important IND vs PAK clash on October 23 at MCG, Ponting says that it is difficult to drop him now from the first playing XI. Ponting, while speaking to ICC, admitted that even he thought Karthik’s career was over as he had seen him commentating in England. To make a comeback like this requires a huge will and dedication. In Ponting’s words: ‘It’s not that easy’.   

“It looked like his Indian career was over, probably in all three formats. He was not a retained player for KKR in IPL. He today is one of the best finishers in the T20 game which he probably never really thought to be. I thought his playing days were over and he was transferring himself to the commentary box. But he was transforming the other way. I am pleased and quite surprised the way he had turned his career in the last couple of  months,” said Ponting. 

Watch Ricky Ponting’s comments on Dinesh Karthik below:

Dinesh is highly likely to play India’s first match of T20 World Cup 2022 vs the arch-rivals. He has been billed as India’s finisher and will bat at No 6 or 7, as per the situation in the game. Ponting said that for someone who is 37, it is not an easy comeback to make. 

“It is not an easy thing to do at that age. To get better is not easy. The one thing that I know about Indian players is that they never give up. The way Dinesh has played, he has made it impossible for team to not pick him.”


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