Planetary positions-The Moon is still in Aries. Rahu is in Taurus. Ketu is in Scorpio. Venus, Saturn and Mars are in Capricorn. Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in Aquarius. The situation will be said to be better than before.

towards continuous improvement. The day is going well. There is improvement in health. There is full support of love and children. Expected success in income. There is cooperation from the ruling-government side. The best time would be called. Keep giving water to the sun god.

Venus going to transit in Aquarius, these 3 zodiac signs will only benefit

Taurus-There may be nervousness, restlessness, imaginary fear, fear of the unknown, due to excessive expenditure. However, your position is the opposite of this. There is no business loss. There is no business failure. Health has also become better than before. Everything is great. There is full support of love. The child is obeying orders. Still the mind will remain troubled. Just wait one more day. After that everything will be fine again. Keep on worshiping Lord Shiva.

Gemini-Income, auspiciousness is increasing but health is not very good yet. Getting success in love. The child is obeying orders. All is very well but health is a bit moderate now. Health will improve very soon. keep donating red

Cancer-Health is better than before. Will get father’s support. There will be cooperation from the ruling-government side. You will get the blessings of high officials. The love situation is better than before. Good for students. Overall a pleasant time. Time is better than ever. Keep worshiping Bajrang Bali.

Lion-Lucky days are being made. There is a feeling of interest in worship. Remain religious. Travel will be beneficial. Health is better than before. The condition of love and children is good. Overall looking good. Keep the red object close by.

Virgo-Cross a little bit. Don’t take any risk. Circumstances are unfavourable. Pay attention to health. You can be me, you can be me. The business situation will continue intermittently. Donate red things.

Happiness will come in the lives of these zodiac signs till March 31, you will get good news

Libra-Life will be full of joy. Professional success will come. Problems with your spouse will go away. Health will be better than before. Will meet love. Have a pleasant and colorful time. Control fickleness. Donate red things. Worship Bajrang Bali.

Scorpio-There is a possibility of enemy disturbance but they will also be quenched. Those who try to harm themselves will become eligible for harm. You will continue on your way. The stalled work will go on. Elders will get blessings. Health will remain soft and warm. You will get the support of love. The child will support. Keep the yellow object close by.

Sagittarius-Good time for students. Speech may become uncontrollable. Avoid using harsh language. Do not take any risk in money matters. Don’t take any decision based on emotions. In love there is a possibility of Tu-Tu, Main-I. Children will get support. Just take care of their health. Overall good but will remain sentimental. Keep the red object close by.

Due to the rise of Shani, ‘Rajyoga’ is made in the horoscope of these zodiac signs, is your zodiac included in the list

Capricorn-There will be a festive atmosphere in the house. Still the mind will remain sad. You can be me or me about anything. Health is good. The distance in love is over. It’s close. Children are also getting along. Have a wonderful time but avoid discord. Donate red things.

Aquarius-Positive energy is circulating. This positive energy will enhance business reputation. Will strengthen business position. Health is good but there may be some distance in love but love will be found in abundance. There may be some distance in the children but there will be blessings. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.

Pisces-Money flow will increase. Family members will increase. Control your speech and avoid investing. Love will be with you. Health will be moderate. Keep on worshiping Lord Shiva.

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