ukraine russia war The Russian army is currently wreaking havoc in many areas of Ukraine. However, Ukraine is also giving a befitting reply to the blows of Russian troops with full force. But how long will Ukraine be able to stand before the Russian army? General Kirillo O Budanov, commander of military intelligence in Ukraine, says that Ukraine’s military will soon be disabled. Further fighting will be confined to frontline commanders.

General Kirillo O Budanov, commander of military intelligence in Ukraine, said that the Ukrainian army, with arms, ammunition and equipment supplied to Ukraine by Western allies over the past few weeks, is taking a stand against Russian troops with all their might. But this will not last long. He said the Russian invaders began the attack with airstrikes and rocket attacks, aimed at conveying messages to their troops hiding in ammunition depots and trenches.

Although they further say that very soon the Ukrainian army will be incapacitated. Will hold on as long as there are bullets. They will be able to use whatever they have on hand. But believe me, there is no army in the world without weapons that can stop them.

Budanov’s statement comes at a time when the Russian military has deployed about 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. In recent weeks the Russian military has also deployed advanced S-400 anti-aircraft systems capable of effectively neutralizing Ukraine’s small air force. Also Iskander-M cruise missiles can strike targets anywhere in Ukraine.

Ukraine sought help from western countries
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has sought Western help after the Russian attack. Earlier, where America, Germany and Britain were warning Russia, but so far no country has taken any step to help Ukraine and take military action against Russia. However, NATO has taken a tough stand in this regard. NATO will meet tomorrow on the Ukraine crisis, with 100 fighter jets kept ready.


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