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You must have heard many times the news of students and miscreants molesting street girls, but the case that has come to the fore in Meerut, UP has put an eclipse on the relationship between guru and disciple. We are talking about some students who trouble the teacher by coming to class every day. Even these students don’t desist from calling the teacher ‘ilvu’. Whether it is prayer meeting or study time, these students often keep teasing and hurling abuses at the teacher. The limit was reached when these students made a video of the teacher molesting and made it viral. Since then the teacher is in depression. The teacher has lodged an FIR against the accused students in the police station.

The case pertains to Ram Manohar Lohia Inter College of Kithore police station area of ​​Meerut district. According to the information, there are three students of class 12 studying in this school who keep teasing the teacher who teaches in their own class. Sometimes they speak ill-love in the class and sometimes pass obscene comments on them in the prayer meeting. According to the teacher, she has been very upset due to this act of the students. The students molested him one day and made a video of it. After this the students made the molestation video viral. After this the teacher went into depression. Distressed by this act of the students, the teacher took the help of the police and lodged an FIR.

What did the teacher write the FIR

While giving Tahrir, the victim teacher told that she teaches in an inter college. For the last few days, an intermediate student and three students make lewd and vulgar comments to the teacher while teaching and while going to college. The teacher complained about this to the college management several times but no one listened. After this, with the help of the girl student, the three students made a video of obscenity with the teacher and made it viral. When the teacher came to know about this, she complained to the relatives of the accused but they turned unheard. The teacher said that she had complained about the students to the principal on November 12 last. Had also given an application for change of class. Nothing happened on this. Inspector Arvind Mohan Sharma says that the police will take the accused into custody soon.

Management’s laxity in taking students’ phones to class

The villagers say that some students do bullying in the college. Making videos from mobile in the class is proof that the college management is unable to curb the students, due to which the morale of the students is high. Had the management acted on the complaint, the video would not have gone viral.


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