Multibagger Wipro: If you can’t wait for 10 years then don’t stop even for 10 minutes in stock market. This applies to every investor who invests money in the stock market. If your money is invested in good stocks, then the fruit of waiting will be so sweet that you cannot even imagine it. You can become a millionaire or even a billionaire from a thousandpati.

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The best example of this is the shares of Wipro. Whoever had invested only 10 thousand rupees in Wipro stock in the year 1980, this 10 thousand would have become about 900 crores today according to all the bonus shares given by the company and Split. That too if it does not include dividends paid by the company from time to time. Let’s understand the math of this….

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If an investor had invested only Rs 10000 in the shares of Wipro 42 years ago i.e. in 1980 and remained in this stock till today, he would have been a billionaire in today’s date. The share price of Wipro was around Rs 100 in 1980, but now it is Rs 468. The company kept on splitting the shares and simultaneously giving bonus. The effect of this was that the one who had taken 100 shares in 1980 would have 25536000 shares without investing a single penny. However, there will be hardly any investor who has stayed in one stock for so many years.

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Financial advisor Shailesh Mani Tripathi says that most of the investors who invest in the stock market lack patience. If the money increases even one and a half times, then we recover the profit and if it decreases then we get out of the stock by selling it. Not only Wipro, you would have been a millionaire if you had given so much time in Eicher, Symphony, Natco Pharma or Ajanta Pharma or any other good stock.

Now let’s know how 10000 became 899 crore

In 1980, an investor who invested Rs 10,000 in Wipro shares got 100 shares of Wipro Company. After Bonus Shares and Split, 100 shares increased to 25536000 shares. Now the share price of Wipro is Rs 468. That is, now the price of that 10000 rupees has become 468×25536000 = 8,99,19,36,000.

Sal Activity Total Share
1980 Investment 100
1981 1:1 Bonus 200
1985 1:1 Bonus 400
1986 Share split to face value Rs.10 4,000
1987 1:1 Bonus 8,000
1989 1:1 Bonus 16,000
1992 1:1 Bonus 32,000
1995 1:1 Bonus 64,000
1997 2:1 Bonus 1,92,000
1999 Share split to FV Rs.29,60,000
2004 2:1 Bonus 28,80,000
2005 1:1 Bonus 57,60,000
2010 2:3 Bonus 96,00,000
2017 1:1 Bonus 1,92,00,000
2019 1:3 Bonus 25536000
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Wipro is a big IT company. However, Wipro is also into the soap and vegetable oil business. Wipro was started in 1945 in a village named ‘Alamner’ located in Maharashtra. Everyone in this village is a millionaire today. Every family has shares of Wipro Company. Here some shares of Wipro company are bought for the child as soon as it is born. The village is also known as ‘City of Millionaires’.


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