Team India are ready to take on Pakistan in their first match of T20 World Cup 2022. Captain Rohit Sharma spoke at length to the media ahead of the big match, saying that they have all their plans ready and have prepared well for the tournament and not just the match vs Pakistan. Former captain Virat Kohli has now made a big statement on his relationship with Rohit. He says as captains there is no really difference between him and Rohit. He said that their understanding and vision have always been very similar. Speaking exclusively on Star Sports show Cricket Live, Virat Kohli spoke on his rapport with the captain Rohit Sharma and how they work in unison to try and ‘End the Wait’ to get the World Cup back to India.

Kohli said, “Our discussions are always on how do we win big tournaments and then, our planning and preparations are directed towards that. Ever since I have come back to the team, the atmosphere has been very good. Whenever there’s this healthy camaraderie within the group, then you look forward to doing anything you can for the team. So, our understanding and vision for the game has always been similar. We always work towards covering all the loopholes no matter how small they are. We solidify such aspects and move ahead. It’s very free flowing and all pointed towards our main goal.”

Speaking on Team India’s plans for the big match vs Pakistan as well as the tournament, Kohli says that it is important to be relaxed and confidence ahead of the match. 

“Everyone’s relaxed and know they are confident and prepared. It’s just how to handle the pressure that matters. In these times, we try and lead the group for big matches and make an impact that will sort of relax the others. Once that momentum sets in, then everyone knows that you can ride that wave,” he said. 

The India vs Pakistan is also under a huge threat from rain. It had been raining in Melbourne for last couple of days. The weather improved on Saturday morning but there is still come chance of rain on Monday. 


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