Karwachauth fasting is observed on Kartik Krishna Chaturthi in Chandrodaya Byapini. On this day, married women observe a Nirjala fast for the long life of their husbands. In this fast, women remain waterless throughout the day and break their fast only after the moon rises. Women eagerly wait for the moon. The fast story has a lot of importance in this fast. Before the sighting of the moon, one must recite the Karva Chauth fasting story. Read more Karva Chauth fasting story-

karva chauth fasting story

A moneylender had seven boys and one girl. Along with Sethani, her daughter-in-law and daughter had kept the fast of Karva Chauth. When the Sahakar’s boys started eating at night, they asked their sister for food. On this the sister told that she has her fast today and that food can be eaten only after offering Arghya to the moon. The youngest brother does not see his sister’s condition and lights a lamp on a distant tree and puts it in a sieve. Which appears as if there is a moon of Chaturthi. Seeing her, after offering her Arghya, she sits down to eat food. She sneezes as soon as she puts the first piece in her mouth. When she puts the second piece, the hair comes out in it and the third piece is put in the mouth, only then she gets the news of the death of her husband. She gets very sad.

His sister-in-law tells the truth as to why this happened to him. The deities are angry with him for breaking the fast incorrectly. Karva then decides that she will not perform the last rites of her husband and will bring them back to life with her chastity. She sits near the dead body of her husband for a whole year. takes care of her. She keeps on collecting the needle-like grass growing on top of it.

Karwa Chauth 2022 Chand Timings: When will the moon come out in your city on Karwa Chauth today, know the timing of moon sighting

After a year, when the day of Chauth comes again, she observes a fast and in the evening requests the brides to ‘Take yum sui, give piya sui de, make me bhi like you a suhaagin’ but everyone refuses. . In the end, a Suhagin agrees to his point. In this way his fast is fulfilled and his sweetheart gets the blessings of a new life. All the fasting women read and listen to this story in a different way.

When will the moon come out today?
Delhi- 08:09PM
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