Magal Rashi Parivartan 2022: Mars, the factor of power and the commander of the planets, has reached Capricorn from Sagittarius today. This zodiac change of Mars was completed on 26 February at 3:49 pm. Since Mars has come in its exalted sign Capricorn, the coming one month will be a time of success and progress for those people whose horoscope is high. Along with this, the sums of immense success and monetary gains will remain for the three zodiac signs Leo, Scorpio and Pisces. However, for the next one month, the people of the remaining 9 zodiac signs will have to be a little careful.

According to astrologers, during this period, while the combination of Mercury, Mars and Saturn will create many kinds of troubles, children born during this period will also get the interest formed from Mars under Panch Mahapurush and Shasha Mahapurush Yoga formed from Shani. Being the element of fire, Mars provides vitality to all beings. Remedies for Mars can be adopted on the basis of the advice of any of your astrologers.

The sums of success and money gain for these 3 zodiac signs:
1- Leo: Enemies will be destroyed due to the change of zodiac sign of Mars. Victory in debate. Success in all endeavors. Will get money Such yoga will continue for the next one month.
2- Scorpio zodiac: Due to the change in the zodiac sign of Mars, the people of Scorpio zodiac will continue to get success for the next one month. Withheld money will be available. That is, there will be a constant sum of money and profit.
3- Pisces: Pisces people will get sudden money due to the change of zodiac sign of Mars on 26 February. The mind will be happy with the achievements of the children. Benefits of higher education. Can buy property. You can get a prize. During this, there will be chances of respect and success all around for you.

Be careful people of these 9 zodiac signs:
Aries: Stress due to failure in work. The hard work will go in vain. The officers would be angry.
Taurus: Disputes regarding property. Weakness in the body due to insomnia. There will be fear of defeat. Money can be wasted.
Gemini: There is a possibility of an accident. Fever will bother. Waste of money in useless activities.
Cancer: Discord with women, partners. There may be disease in the eyes. Abdominal pain.
Virgo: Stress due to problems of children. Fear of losing job. Trouble due to aggressive behavior with friends and relatives.
Libra: There will be unnecessary fear. Fear of losing job. Stomach disease etc.
Sagittarius: There can be a dispute due to harsh speech. Fear of loss of money. Mental confusion.
Capricorn: There is a possibility of diseases related to blood or fire. Avoid vehicle injury. Unnecessary stubbornness will spoil the work.
Aquarius: There is a possibility of obstruction in the action plan. More effort, less fruit. Due to unnecessary heat in nature, there will be tension in the house and family.


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