If you want to make a special dish on Diwali, then you can try Kaju Makhana ki Kheer. This kheer can be prepared very easily in 20 minutes. The best part is that if you are on a weight loss mission, you can make it without sugar. You can also grind jaggery or dates and add it to it. Come, know how to make delicious Cashew Makhane Kheer Recipe-

Ingredients for making Cashew Makhana Kheer-
Fox Nut
cardamom powder

Method to make Cashew Makhana Kheer-
First take a pan. Now put two spoons of kheer in this pan. Now add all the dry fruits and roast it. Now you have to take it apart. Now again add ghee to this pan. Now add milk to it. Let the milk cook. After cooking milk, add jaggery to it according to the quantity of two cups or kheer. Now cook it well. Now grind cashew nuts and makhana coarsely. Mix both the things in it. You have to cook it for 10 minutes. Now add cardamom powder to it. Before taking the kheer off the gas for some time, add roasted dry fruits to it. Your Cashew Makhana Kheer is ready. Eat it yourself and also feed it to the guests coming on Diwali. If you want, you can also add khoya to it. This will enhance the taste of the kheer.

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