It becomes very difficult to control weight on Diwali. How long can one control himself by seeing sweets, salty, fried food. In such a situation, no matter how much you say ‘no’ but your diet plan fails. In such a situation, it is very important that you follow some weight control friendly cooking tips while making Diwali dishes. Come, let’s know some ways-

use jaggery instead of sugar
If you are making sweet or sweet dish at home, then you can use jaggery instead of sugar. Consumption of jaggery instead of sugar is very beneficial. If you do not want to use jaggery, then honey is also a good option for you.

olive oil or mustard oil
If you use refined ghee, then use olive oil or mustard oil instead. It is healthier than ghee. Try that you have to use them in minimum quantity.

non stick cooking ware
If you will use non stick cooking ware, then it is very beneficial for you. In non stick cooking ware, the use of oil or ghee is less and the food is prepared easily.

fresh vegetables
Try to use fresh vegetables. This will not only keep your health right but will also supply many nutrients. You can try many dishes of vegetables.

rock or black salt
Like sugar, salt is also not good for your health, so you should use rock or black salt in salty dishes. With this, the BP of BP patients will also be controlled and the rest of the people will not get too much salt in their body.

Sugar free diwali sweet recipes for diabetic patients, make in less time



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