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As the date of MCD elections in Delhi is getting closer, the political rhetoric is also intensifying. Now after Gujarat, Asaduddin Owaisi’s entry has also been made in the MCD elections. His party AIMIM is contesting only on 15 wards. Although there are a total of 250 wards in Delhi. Owaisi did not attack the BJP as much as he did the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal during the election campaign.

Owaisi called Arvind Kejriwal a small Rizarj during a public meeting. Owaisi said, Arvind Kejriwal was defaming Muslims during the Corona period. He said that Tablighi Zaman would be responsible for increasing the corona. Describing Kejriwal as a liar, he said that when there was a mess in Jehangir Puri, bulldozers were made to go there.

Arvind Kejriwal does not speak in the Bilkis Bano case, he said. He does not say anything on Uniform Civil Code. In such cases, they get tied up. But when he started calling Muslims as super spreaders, the High Court proved him a liar. He said, Modi ji does not wear a cap and Kejriwal wears a cap on whoever he meets. When the public gave a chance to the Congress and it failed, it took hold of Chhota Rizar.

Owaisi encircles BJP on the issue of Bilkis Bano
Owasi also surrounded the BJP on the issue of Bilkis Bano. Why were the culprits of Bilkis Bano released? The one who called the culprits of Bilkis cultured, was given the ticket. Whereas in Gujarat a murderer is seeking votes for Modi. What kind of development is this?

Owaisi lashed out at Congress as well
Taking a dig at the Congress, Asaduddin Owaisi said that the Congress people call me vote katwa. But I have not come to cut anyone’s vote but to demand my rights. After all, why is the Congress not able to defeat the BJP? He said, our party is contesting only on 13 seats in Gujarat. By winning the remaining 169, the Congress should form the government. But the Congress makes such allegations to hide its shortcomings.



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