SYDNEY: Former Australian cricketer turned commentator Michael Slater, who is facing multiple assault charges, has been readmitted to a rehab facility, a report said.
The 52-year-old is charged for assaulting a 36-year-old man at Sydney’s Northern Beaches Hospital on July 18. He is also facing one count of attempting to stalk/intimidate one Nicholas O’Neill.
“The accused did attempt to intimidate the victim with the intention of causing the victim to fear physical or mental harm,” court documents obtained by the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘The Age’ showed.
Slater, who had previously pleaded innocence, did not appear in Manly Local Court on Wednesday. His lawyer informed the court that he was in a rehabilitation facility as the matter was adjourned for a week.
A veteran of 74 Tests and 42 ODIs, Slater was arrested for allegedly breaching bail in September this year and then he was sent to mental health assessment.
He was also charged by his ex-wife in a domestic violence case.
Slater was reportedly sacked by Channel Seven as their commentator after he criticised the Australian Government’s handling of COVID-19 in 2021.


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