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A woman became so shattered in her lover’s love that she was neither conscious of her husband nor of her children. Under the pavilion, the woman who had been with him for seven births, seemed to have lost her husband’s love in front of her lover’s love. The woman was not showing any interest even in her own children. In no time, this love started rising. One day the woman decided to leave not only her husband but also her children and one day she ran away holding her lover’s hand. When the husband reached home, he came to know about the escape of the wife. After this the husband is making rounds of the officers in search of his wife. The police is on the lookout for the woman who eloped with her lover.

Due to a love affair, a village resident of the police station area left her nine children and husband and eloped with her lover a month ago. The woman’s husband had lodged a missing complaint at Talgram police station. But no trace of the woman and her lover could be found. On the other hand, people from the maternal side of the woman are giving Tahrir accusing the in-laws of killing the woman and making her body disappear.

The husband is making rounds of the officers in search of his wife. Sub-Inspector Madhav Pandey, who is investigating the case, said that due to the love affair of the woman, the matter of absconding with her lover leaving her husband and children has come to light. In the investigation, evidence has been found of Premi Yuvak Thana Saurikh area. Efforts are being made to recover both.


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