The advertisement of a private bank of famous Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani has hit the headlines. Controversy has started from place to place regarding this. Describing it as hurting Hindu sentiments, Hindu organizations have protested. After this protest, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has alerted Aamir Khan on Wednesday. Talking to the media, Narottam Mishra has given advice to Aamir Khan.

Mishra said that keeping in mind the Indian traditions and customs, Aamir Khan should advertise further. He has also seen Aamir Khan’s advertisement of private bank which is not good. Advertisements are constantly coming about Aamir Khan about this kind of Indian tradition and customs which I do not consider right. Acting in a twisted manner hurts the sentiments of a particular religion. Aamir Khan is not allowed to hurt the sentiments of any religion.

Apart from Narottam Mishra, the producer of The Kashmir Files Vivek Agnihotri has also objected to this advertisement. Sharing the ad on Twitter, Vivek Agnihotri wrote that we have failed to understand that since when banks have become responsible for changing social and religious traditions. I think AU Bank India should be proactive by changing the corrupt banking system. These idiots make fun of Hindus, then say that Hindus are trolling.

According to the information, Aamir Khan has become the bridegroom and rent Advani is the bride in the advertisement of the private bank. In this, the bride marries the groom and takes her home. Which is considered against the social custom. In this advertisement, Aamir tells bride Kiara that it is the first time that the farewell has happened and the bride did not cry.

On reaching home, Aamir asks Kiara who will take the first step. On this Kiara says who is new in this house. After which Aamir enters the house and says that the practice which has been going on for centuries, the same thing continues. Why so?

Contrary to the tradition of Hindus, Aamir Khan is being targeted for showing this ad. Many users have expressed their displeasure regarding this ad, although this is not the first time that Aamir Khan has come under the target of trolls for any of his ads or films.

Let us tell you that Aamir Khan has been in controversies even before this. In 2016, his statement on religious intolerance was criticized. Then Aamir Khan had said that his ex-wife Kiran Rao used to feel unsafe in India. Due to this, there was a demand for boycott of his film Lal Singh Chaddha, which was released a few months ago.


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