New Delhi: Television actress, Nisha Rawal, accused her husband Karan Mehra of domestic assault, an allegation that he has categorically refuted. It has become a hot topic once again after Nisha’s involvement in the Kangana Ranaut-hosted reality show Lock Upp was announced.

With 16 controversial celebrities imprisoned in jail, the episodes are packed with high-octane drama. In the most recent episode, actress Nisha Rawal could be seen opening up about her rough marriage with Karan Mehra and how she has been dealing with her son Kavish after their nasty divorce in 2021.

Nisha Rawal and Karanvir Bohra were seen talking heart to heart. She shared that her son rarely asked about his father because he was constantly away from home filming in a different city and because they did not communicate on a daily basis.

Nisha also said that her kid is now receiving treatment from a behaviour therapist. She said, “I wanted a behaviour therapist to tap on him because they deal with such cases every day. They told me it will gradually have a cascading effect. They told me to tell him the facts. Like age-limited facts, things that his brain can accept.”

Nisha further added,  “I tell him I am sorry but your mom is there for you. I am your mama and papa. He doesn’t know anything negative at all.”

In 2021, Karan Mehra was detained for reportedly assaulting his wife, although he was eventually freed on bail. The actress further claimed that Karan withdrew Rs 1 crore from her bank account and the pair is presently fighting for custody of their son, Kavish.


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