JDU The bottom line of the two-day meeting of the state and national executive is that the strategy to unite the opposition and what will be the issues against the central government was discussed. JDU also made it clear that Nitish Kumar Prime minister are not claimants. So that, no one has the illusion that JDU is uniting the opposition to make Nitish Kumar the Prime Minister.

It is being said time and again by the BJP that Nitish Kumar has walked out of the NDA to become the Prime Minister. This is said in his kata. Meanwhile, JDU has rejected KCR’s proposal. KCR, who reached Patna on August 31, stayed with Nitish Kumar throughout the day.

What did KCR want?
National Executive of JDU Nitish Kumar To unite the opposition across the country against the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Looking at the proposals issued by the party’s state and national executive, it is clear that its entire focus is to dislodge the BJP from power at the Centre. At the same time, the party has also admitted that to achieve this goal, the entire opposition parties will have to come on one platform. In this, along with regional parties of different states, Congress and Left parties will also have to be included. By making a goal, the parties will have to forget their differences and fight the elections together. JD(U) has rejected Telangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao’s proposal for a non-BJP and non-Congress alliance. However, JD(U) also indicated that it would take the initiative to bring Rao along with all opposition parties.

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Trying to show spirits in a two-day meeting
In what JDU has described as the most important issue in its political resolution, it has been said that the country is going through a critical phase. There is a state of emergency in the country. Central government to silence the voice of the opposition CBI And using central investigative agencies like ED as a weapon. Inflation and unemployment are at their peak. The interests of farmers are being ignored. Tension is being created in the country. However, Nitish Kumar is going to go to Delhi on Monday itself in the campaign of opposition unity. But sources say that he will tour the entire country. However, in its two-day meeting, JD(U) tried to show that its spirits were high. He will show his attitude by retaliate strongly on every blow.


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