Amidst the debate over moonlighting in the IT sector, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has given strict instructions to employees who have become accustomed to work from home. TCS has said in an internal mail that the situation has become normal after Corona and now it is mandatory to come to office 3 days a week. Non-compliance will be taken seriously and strict action may be taken.

Let us tell you that IT companies are upset with the moonlighting of employees, that is, the way they earn money in other ways at the same time. Because of this, Wipro has also fired 300 employees.

What’s in the mail: TCS has sent emails to employees to work from office at least three days a week. The roster will be determined according to the email and accordingly the employees will have to come. Although no timeline has been given for its implementation, employees have been asked to contact their HR for more details.

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Earlier, TCS had campaigned on social media to get employees to work from office. TCS used platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in the campaign.


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