India vs Pakistan: In the aftermath of India vs Pakistan match, Former skipper Virat Kohli, in a press conference, revealed that nobody reached out to him except MS Dhoni after he left his Test captaincy.

“When I left my captaincy I got a message only from MS Dhoni,” Virat Kohli stated. “Lot of people have my number but only he had called, When you have genuine respect and connection with someone, you can see that because there is security from both sides,” said Kohli during a post-match press conference.

Virat Kohli has never been afraid to express his admiration for his former teammate MS Dhoni, whether it be through a late-night tweet about an IPL game or an Instagram post before a major competition. Even after Kohli took command of the Indian cricket team as captain, Dhoni and Kohli appeared to have gotten along well and frequently praised each other from time to time.

In India’s match against Pakistan on Sunday, Arshdeep Singh dropped an important catch in the 18th over of the match which could have been a game changer and India could have won the match.

“Even when I played my first game in the Champions Trophy against Pakistan, I made a poor shot and got out. I stayed up till five in the morning gazing at the ceiling. I believed my career was over at that time. Under pressure, everyone can make errors,” Kohli added. “Management and the captain deserve credit for the positive team climate that now exists. Therefore, one must own his error, and deal with it,” he said.

Virat Kohli on his equation with Pak skipper Babar Azam

“Babar is a very nice guy. He is significantly younger than I am, so I’m not sure whether we are related. There is respect and he is constantly eager to learn, following the 2019 World Cup. He is a highly good player, thus it is not surprising that he does so well in all game modes. not only him. and others. They have all been incredibly kind people. The two squads get along nicely. Quite a polite team, but yet very competitive,” Virat Kohli said on Babar Azam.


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