If you are going to buy very cheap dry fruits, kitchen items or clothes by seeing advertisements on any social media platform, then be careful. You can be cheated. Even after online payment, the goods will not reach your home and you will become a victim of fraud. This has happened to many people and now they are writing their grief on lo social media.

Nowadays many advertisements are coming on the social media platform, in which it is being claimed to sell everything from dry fruits to clothes at very cheap rates. The price is so much less than the market that people fall prey to it. The fraud is detected when the goods do not arrive at home and the website is closed. The fraud starts again from a new page and new website.

Expressing pain in his post, a user who was cheated wrote, “I bought dry fruits worth more than 1600 rupees on a website. Didn’t check much in a hurry. Also paid online. More than two weeks But till now I have not received any response. An email id has also been given for contact on the website. To which I sent many mails, asking when the delivery will be done, but no response was received. That I got caught in the web of thugs.” He has named the website as dryfruits.myshopify.com and its mail id is naturaldryfruits12 at the rate gmail.com.

In fact, there are many such advertisements, where thousands of things, especially women’s clothes, accessories, are being found for one hundred and a half hundred. At first glance it seems like a fraud but innocent people still get trapped.

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Another victim wrote in her comment box, “My friend also ordered a gown on a similar website which was getting only Rs.450. Leave the gown till today, even the handkerchief has not arrived. Even on that website. There was only one number, on which no one picked up for several days, if picked up one day by mistake, he said that delivery will be done in 15 days, but after that there was no call.

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Actually, people lose a small amount due to the offer being shown on such advertisements and most of the time they do not complain, but imagine how big amount becomes if Rs 1600 is taken from 2000 people in the same way. If you have become a victim of fraud, then definitely complain about it to the cyber cell.


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