Pitru Paksha 2022: According to Hindu mythological beliefs, people do Shradh, Tarpan and Pind Daan etc. to get peace and blessings of the ancestors’ souls during Pitru Paksha. In the beliefs of Hindu religion, no auspicious work or worship is performed during Pitru Paksha. Because this 15-day Paksha is fixed only for Pitras (dead ancestors). During this, if you donate food, feed the hungry, then it is believed that its virtue is received by the soul of your ancestors. During this, if your deceased relatives are seen in a dream, then it gives you many indications.

Many times it happens that you have so much attachment to a deceased family member that it appears in your dreams too. According to Garuna Purana, the appearance of family members in the dream of Pitru Paksha gives a special kind of sign. You also get an indication of what those ancestors expect from you. May his soul rest in peace or not. Know further some dream thoughts and their meaning (relative in dream meaning)-

Seeing the deceased family member sick or in trouble in the dream-
If your family members have passed away in a healthy state or after completing their age and are seen sick or in trouble in the dream, then it means that their soul has not found peace. Relatives in dreams indicate to you that you should do something for the peace of their soul. In such a situation, according to the advice of your pundit or elders, one should do tarpan, shraadh or charity etc.

Healthy or happy appearance of the deceased family in the dream-
If your family members appear healthy or happy in your dream, then it is a sign that their soul has found peace. They don’t have any problem. You should also not bother them by remembering them again and again.

Seeing the living dead

If you see a living person dead in a dream, then according to the dream idea, it is a sign of increasing age of that person.

According to experts, remembering or discussing a deceased family member hurts both you and your family’s soul. Therefore, one should at least meditate about the one who has left this world. Experts also believe that some people pass away without completing their age, while some of them go into the phantom vagina. The soul of a good and good-natured person does not trouble anyone. But the spirit of people of evil nature can also trouble.


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