Raju Srivastav Funeral updates: Comedian Raju Srivastav said goodbye to this world at around 10.15 am on Wednesday. Raju, who made everyone laugh with his comedy, made everyone cry as he went. From Akshay Kumar to Kapil Sharma and from PM Narendra Modi to the President paid tribute to Raju Srivastava on social media. Raju Srivastava had achieved a big position for himself on the basis of his hard work. Raju was admitted to AIIMS since 10 August and died on 21 September.

Raju merged into Panchatattva: Raju Srivastava, who fought to the death for more than forty days, had said goodbye to this world on the last day (21 September 2022). After this, the last rites of the late comedian were performed today (Thursday). Raju Srivastava’s son Ayushman lit fire to Raju Srivastava and Raju Srivastava merged into the Panchtatva. On the one hand, where fans and celebs are paying tribute on social media, on the other hand, a huge crowd of fans was also seen in the cremation ground.

Fireworks given to Raju Srivastava: The body of Raju Srivastava has been burnt. That is, now Raju will remain in memories only. Raju Srivastava will be mentioned only in memories, his stories, efforts and courage will now remain only in stories. A huge number of fans have reached Raju to bid his last farewell. Sunil Pal is also seen giving a final farewell to Raju.

Preparations for lighting the fire completed: In no time, the body of Raju Srivastava will merge into the Panchatattva. Preparations have been completed to lit the body of Raju. The eyes of the fans are moist, they are in tears as to why Raju has said goodbye to such a world. How a person who always made everyone laugh left such a world.

Raju’s body being taken for the last rites: Please tell that the body of Raju Srivastava is being taken for the last rites. Everyone’s eyes are moist by remembering Raju. Raju’s body is being taken for the last rites. Light rain has started in Delhi and fans say that even Indra Dev is bidding a last farewell to Raju with moist eyes. In no time Raju’s mortal body will merge into the Panchatattva.

Raju was a heart patient: Dr Vivek, who was present at Raju’s funeral, said in a conversation with ‘G NCR- Haryana’ that Raju Srivastava was a heart patient. Raju never used to tell his problems. On 7 August, Raju had dinner with Dr Vivek. Even when Vivek was asked, he did not say that there was a problem in his health. Vivek said- ‘If Raju had told me that he had a problem, I would have first refused him the gym.’ Along with this, Vivek also told that Raju had made fun of him in his house.

As long as the sun remains the moon… The body of Raju Srivastava has reached the crematorium. There is a crowd gathered near the dead body of Raju Srivastava who has tears in his eyes. At the same time, people present around are shouting slogans – ‘Till the sun will remain the moon, will remember Raju Srivastava.’ There is a gathering in the last darshan of Raju Srivastava. From cinematic stars to people associated with the political world have also reached the crematorium.

Raju’s body being taken to Nigambodh crematorium: The body of comedian Raju Srivastava is being taken to the Nigambodh crematorium for the last rites. Raju’s body is in the ambulance, while his fans and loved ones are present along with him. The eyes of his loved ones are moist in the last journey of Raju. The crowd has gathered for the last glimpse of Raju.

The eyes of the fans moistened: Along with the friends and relatives of the late comedian, fans have been present in the last journey of Raju Srivastava. Remembering the comedian in Raju’s last journey, many of his friends broke down in tears. Friends and relatives are sharing their memories of Raju. Many photos and videos of Raju’s last journey are becoming viral on social media.

Raju’s Last Journey: Raju Srivastava’s final journey has begun. Raju’s body is being taken by ambulance to Nigam Bodh Ghat in Delhi. At the same time, along with the ambulance, there is a huge crowd of fans, who are remembering the late comedian with moist eyes. The eyes of the fans are moist.

Sunil Pal arrived for the last glimpse: Comedian Raju Srivastava’s last rites will be performed today at Nigam Bodh Ghat. Comedians Ehsan Quresh and Sunil Pal have reached the ghat to pay their last respects to Raju. Remembering Raju, Sunil Pal says, ‘He will always be remembered. He was our teacher. But he was such a down-to-earth person that he did not treat us or anyone like this.

Funeral can be held till 11-12 o’clock: Earlier, preparations were going on for Raju’s last rites till around 10 o’clock, but it seems difficult. It may take about an hour to reach Nigam Bodh Ghat and the final farewell has not started yet. Raju’s last journey can start around 10 o’clock, so by around 11 or 12 o’clock Raju’s body will reach. It is being said that Raju’s fans can gather on the way for his last glimpse, in such a situation, Delhi Police has also increased the security.

Funeral preparations completed: Let us inform that in a short time the body of Raju will be taken to Nigam Bodh Ghat in Delhi. All the preparations have been done for Raju’s funeral at the ghat. At the same time, Delhi Police is also patrolling the road. There may be a huge crowd in Raju’s last journey and security arrangements have been made for this. According to the information, Ravi Kishan, Kapil Sharma, Manoj Tiwari, Sunil Pal etc. can attend the funeral.

The character of ‘Gajodhar Bhaiya’ became iconic: Raju Srivastava also did small roles in some films. For example, he was seen in ‘Tezaab’ (1988), ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (1989) and ‘Baazigar’ (1993). He also worked in Doordarshan’s famous show ‘Shaktimaan’ in the 1990s. However, in 2005, he got more recognition with the show ‘The Great India Laughter Challenge’. He used to introduce himself as a lazy rural character ‘Gajodhar Bhaiya’ and his fans also called him by this name.

Relatives remember Raju: According to the information, where Raju’s body has been kept, it is about 35 km from there. Raju’s brother-in-law Pradeep also attended the last rites and he said, ‘I have come from Lucknow, I knew him for forty years, his sudden passing is sad. He used to meet everyone very warmly. At the same time, Raju’s second brother-in-law Amitesh Kumar Srivastava said, ‘Even after being such a big star, he was always connected to the ground. We will always remember him.

The body handed over to the family:Raju Srivastava’s body has been handed over to his family after completing all the official paperwork. According to media reports, Raju’s body has now been taken to his house in Dwarka. After which the body will be taken to Nigam Bodh Ghat in Delhi. Raju’s relatives have started gathering.

Raju on his last journey: Raju Srivastava’s last rites will be performed at Delhi’s Nigam Bodh Ghat at around 10 am. In such a situation, after some time Raju’s last journey will start. From fans to celebs, Raju is being remembered on social media. There may be a huge crowd for Raju’s final farewell, so it is being said that all the preparations have been done.

Funeral to be held in Delhi: According to media reports, the last rites of Raju Srivastava will be performed at around 10 am today. Raju’s last rites will be performed today at Delhi’s Nigam Bodh Ghat. His close friends and relatives had left for Delhi after the news of Raju’s death came on the previous day.

How Gajodhar Bhaiya was made: Raju Srivastava has won the hearts of the audience with his excellent performance. Raju’s character Gajodhar Bhaiya got a lot of love from the audience. Although the story of this name is also funny. Actually, Raju used to go to his maternal uncle’s place in childhood and then the name of the hairdresser he used to get his hair cut was Gajodhar. It was from that barber that Raju developed the character of Gajodhar Bhaiya.


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