Horoscope Rashifal 24 September 2022 : A total of 12 zodiac signs have been described in Vedic astrology. Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet. by the movement of the planets Horoscope is assessed. 24th September 2022 is Saturday. Saturday is dedicated to Hanuman ji and Shani Dev. On this day Hanuman ji and Shani Dev are worshiped by law. Fifth note of musical scale. Know from Raghavendra Sharma which zodiac signs will benefit on 24 September 2022 and which zodiac signs will have to be careful. Read the condition from Aries to Pisces…

Aries- The mind will be happy, but may be troubled by the fear of ignorance. Be mindful of academic work. There are chances of traveling abroad in the job. Travel will be beneficial. You can invest in property with the help of a friend. Business conditions will improve. There will be excess of anger and passion. Family problems can bother you. A program to visit a religious place can be made. There will be sweetness in relations. Stay away from controversy.

Taurus – Take care of mother’s health. Living can be painful. Spouse will get support. Vehicle pleasure may increase. Expenses will increase. There will be softness in speech. Any stalled money can be recovered. There will be more hard work in business. There will be peace of mind. You will get the support of friends. The child will suffer. Expenses will be high. Material pleasures will increase. There can be some relief from the problems related to health.

Gemini- There will be improvement in the field of work, but keep goodwill with the officers. Yogas are also being made to go on a journey. Avoid unnecessary fights and disputes. Suddenly you will get money. There will be a feeling of peace and happiness in the mind. There will be pleasant results for job interviews etc. Be mindful of food. There will be irritability in nature. There will be mental problems. There will also be an excess of expenditure. Some new responsibility can also be found.

Crab- Be sober Avoid unnecessary anger and arguments. Writing-intellectual work can increase busyness. There are chances of getting money from a woman in the mother’s family. The mind can be disturbed. Travel plans can be made with siblings. Expenses on clothes etc. may increase. Mixed feelings of hope and despair will remain in the mind. There may be ideological differences in the family. There may be a change in the field of work. There may be ideological differences with brothers.

Leo sun sign- The mind will remain calm. Interest towards art or music may increase. Interest in delicious food may increase. There may be opportunities for advancement in the job. Income will increase. Educational or intellectual work will give pleasant results. You will get respect. There will be feelings of disappointment and dissatisfaction in the workplace. Adversity may also have to be faced. Work will be more. Expenses may increase on gifts, clothes etc.

Virgo- Confidence will remain full, but also be patient. Keep your emotions under control. Try to maintain peace in the family. Brothers can get along. Keep patience. There is a possibility of change in business with the help of a friend. Moments of anger and feelings of contentment will remain. There may be ideological differences with the officers in the job. Accumulated funds may decrease. The mind may be worried about the health of the child.

Libra – There may be a decrease in income and a situation of excess expenditure. Money will be received from father. Clothing can be received as a gift. Take care of health. Be self-sufficient. Family responsibilities may increase. There will be support from parents. Income position will improve. Patience will decrease. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. There may be ideological differences with the spouse. be in good shape. You will get success in academic work. The mind can be restless.

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Scorpio zodiac- The path of progress in the job will be paved. Income will increase. Workload will also increase. Take care of health. You will be full of confidence. There will be softness in speech. Brother and sister can get cooperation in the expansion of business. You can get a high position in the job. Workspace will increase. You can also go to any other place. You will get the support of friends. Unexpected success is being created in the field of education. Try to maintain peace of mind.

Sagittarius – Family life will be happy. There may be opportunities for advancement in the job. Help will be given from ruling administration. Vehicle pleasure will increase. Take care of mother’s health. There will be happiness in the building. Respect will increase in the family. A trip with friends can be planned. Problems may increase in the workplace. Be balanced in conversation. With the help of brothers, the means of income can be developed. Married life will be happy.

Capricorn- There will be more laziness. Take care of your spouse’s health. There may be a change in the field of work. Income will increase. You can get a business offer from an old friend. Labor will be more in the workplace. Living will be chaotic. The mind will be restless. There can also be stubbornness in nature. Family problems can trouble you. Unplanned expenses will increase. Government will get the cooperation and support of power. There will be sweetness in the relationship.

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Aquarius- Confidence will decrease. There will be opportunities for profit with the help of a friend in business. Income will increase, but expenses can also increase. Take care of your spouse’s health. A trip with family can be planned. Unplanned expenses will increase. There may be obstacles in business. The father may have health problems. Medical expenses may increase. Family will get support. You will get desired results in competitive exams and interviews.

Pisces- Feelings of hope and despair can be in the mind. Engagement in religious work may increase. Travel for business will be beneficial. be in good shape. Try to have patience. Avoid mutual strife in the family. Sisters and brothers will get support. Money will be received. There may be opportunities for advancement in the job. Income will increase. Be cautious about your health. The mind can be disturbed by unnecessary worries. You can start a new business with friends.


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