American professional boxer Deontay Wilder is back in the headlines. Wilder recently admitted that he actually wanted to kill the social media troll who had abused his daughter online. The Bronze Bomber revealed that he had wanted to shoot infamous troll Charlie Zelenoff had it not been for a cameraman recording their spat.

“I really went there to kill him, to shoot him, to be honest. And the Devil got in me at one point in time because we were in some alleys and my voice changed, cuz was there with me, I brought cuz with me too. At one point in time my whole demeanour about myself changed, I was like, ‘Come in this alley.’ I knew what I was gonna do, even cuz will tell you. My whole demeanour, my face changed because I knew what my capabilities were. But I knew I couldn’t do it because my cameraman was one of my good friends and I had a vision of him snitching on us and I would’ve had to shoot him too,” Wilder said on the Pivot Podcast.

However, in another interview with the Ring Magazine, Wilder had said that he only agreed to attack Zelenoff after being racially attacked. Wilder had travelled to a gym in Los Angeles eight years back to meet the troll face-to-face. Zelenoff was physically attacked by Wilder.

The 36-year-old American boxer is now all set to make a professional return 377 days after his famous trilogy with Tyson Fury. Wilder was last spotted in action during his much talked-about bout against Fury.

The first match between Wilder and Fury resulted in a draw in 2018 at the Staples Center. In their next bout, Fury recorded a dramatic seventh-round victory to take a 1-0 lead over Wilder. The result did not change much in the final encounter after Fury clinched an 11th-round knockout to seal the trilogy.

Wilder, in his much-awaited comeback encounter, will be up against Sweden’s Robert Helenius on October 15. The winner of this fixture is expected to feature Fury, Andy Ruiz Jr. or Anthony Joshua next.

Wilder has so far claimed 42 victories and 41 knockouts.

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