It is said that you should not bring bad words on your tongue. Because saying bad can be wrong with you at any time. A similar incident happened with the son of a doctor and JDU leader from Bihar and his associates. They were driving a BMW car on the Purvanchal Expressway at a speed of 230 km per hour. Its live video was also shared on Facebook. One person in the car said that increase the speed, all four will die. In no time the BMW collided with the container and all four died on the spot.

Dr. Anand Kumar, who lost his life in a road accident on Purvanchal Expressway in UP’s Sultanpur on Friday evening, was a resident of Dehri in Rohtas district. His father Nirmal Kumar is also a doctor as well as JDU leader and in-charge of Aurangabad Lok Sabha.

According to the family members, Anand Kumar had left Dehri for Faizabad in UP on Friday morning along with his great uncle, former chief Hiralal Singh’s son-in-law Deepak Kumar, friend Akhilesh Singh and Bhola Kushwaha, a resident of Balbhadrapur of Darihat police station area in his BMW car. Four people including Dr. Anand Prakash, a BMW car rider, died on the spot due to the collision of the container near Sultanpur on the Purvanchal Expressway.

BMW was flying at a speed of 230 by coming live on Facebook

Anand Kumar and his accomplices were in the BMW car. The speed of the car was fast. Deepak Kumar started the live video on his Facebook page. In this, the speed of the car is seen below the first 100. Then the person driving the car is being asked to accelerate to a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. He increases the speed and reaches 230. Shortly after this, his car collided with the container.

Traumatic accident on Purvanchal Expressway, four killed including Bihar doctor and son of JDU leader

The car blew up, the dead bodies were carried away in sacks

Due to the high speed, the car got completely blown up in this accident. BMW entered the container. The bodies of all the occupants of the car were mutilated. The pieces of the corpse were carried away in sacks. Everyone on the spot was stunned after seeing this painful accident.


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