ukraine russia war The massacre of Russian soldiers continues on Ukrainian soil. Meanwhile, on Monday morning, the capital Kyiv was shaken by the sound of several explosions. Kyiv’s mayor was quoted by news agency Reuters as saying that early morning clouds of black smoke could be seen rising from the city’s buildings. Meanwhile, Russia has sent 12 suicide Iranian drones to further stir up attacks in Ukraine.

“There have been several explosions in the Shevchenskyvsky district. This area is in the center of the capital Kiev,” said Vitaly Klitschko, mayor of Ukraine’s capital Kiev. Information about the matter has not been revealed yet, what is the death toll and the number of casualties in this incident.

According to news agency AFP, the explosion happened at around 8:15 am local time. Along with black smoke rising in the sky from the blasts, air strike sirens were also heard in the Ukrainian capital.

Russia launches suicide Iranian drone
Ukraine has claimed that Russia is increasing the number of attacks as well as carrying out major blasts. That is why recently 12 suicide Iranian drones have been sent by Russia to Ukraine. More than six explosions have been done by drones. According to the website Military Factory, suicide drones and Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) are loaded with explosives. Due to this there is a possibility of destruction in many areas of Ukraine.


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