General Sergei Surovikin known as Butcher of Syria: As time goes by, the Russia-Ukraine war, which has been going on since February, is getting worse. Over the past seven months, Russia has launched missile attacks on Ukraine that will take years for Ukraine to recover. Recently, when the bridge connecting Crimea was attacked, Russia intensified the bombing. However, it is also not hidden from anyone that Ukraine has given a strong fight to Russia and the war which seemed like two-four days is going on for the last several months and Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been successful. Now Putin has given the responsibility of the war to 55-year-old General Sergei Surovikin, known for cruelty and ruthlessness. Surovikin is also known as the butcher for the war in Syria.

Military vehicles were mounted on the protesters
Born in 1966 in Novosibirsk, 55-year-old Surovikin is a veteran of Russia’s recent wars. General Surovikin began his active military career in Afghanistan in the late 1980s. At that time the conditions were quite unfavorable. At the same time, when he returned home in 1991, three people were killed in Moscow during clashes between military vehicles and pro-democracy protesters. According to the BBC’s Russian service, the protesters blocked the way for vehicles, but General Surovikin, in-charge, ordered the vehicles to move forward. The protesters were trampled upon by this. However, later the general was also imprisoned for six months, but then all charges were dropped and the reason given was that he was obeying orders.

Have also given services in Chechnya
At the same time, Surovikin served in Chechnya in the early years of this century and was the leader of the Russian army that intervened in Syria on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad in 2015. According to ‘The Guardian’, the general told military aides in Moscow in 2017 that while conducting combat missions in Syria, did not forget for a moment that we were defending Russia. On the other hand, experts agree that by appointing a man known as ‘General Armageddon’, Putin has signaled he will react strongly to Russia’s alleged failures on the battlefield by intensifying the war. Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow defense think tank Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, says Rovikin is like Marshal Zhukov, the Soviet Union’s commander in World War II.

Surovikin knows how to win a war
Surovikin is said to be a tough guy who knows how to wage a war and win it. He is such a general who is not afraid to tell the truth. According to the Financial Times report, Ukrainian officials have said that Surovikin’s appointment was part of an ongoing campaign behind the recent airstrikes. Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, Vadim Pristyko, said: “Every time they (Russia) bring in even more dangerous people. This man is known as the Butcher of Syria. Russia has brought in an even worse man to scare us, but we will not be afraid. Putin is really disappointed.”


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