Russia Boycott at Ukraine: Efforts are being made to isolate Russia, which has launched a horrific attack on Ukraine, in the world. Its view was also seen in the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday. As soon as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov started addressing this meeting, the leaders of many countries got up and left. Actually, Lavrov’s pre-recorded video message was to be played, after which the leaders of many countries left as soon as it started. It was an attempt to put pressure on Russia. Ukraine’s ambassador Yevhaniya Filipenko, who led the walkout, said, “We thank you very much for your support for the Ukrainians.” You have given this support for their freedom.

French Ambassador Jerome Benafont said any attack was a violation of human rights. Due to this, people are dying on a large scale and human rights are being violated. He said that it is clear from this walkout that the Human Rights Council is with Ukraine and its people. Shortly before this, Lavrov’s speech was to be broadcast in a conference on disarmament, it was also boycotted by European countries. Diplomats from several countries had gathered outside the chamber and the Ukrainian flag was waving there. Here he fiercely praised Ukraine and appeared to condemn Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister had postponed UN visit at the last moment

However, even during this boycott, diplomats from Yemen, Syria, Venezuela and Tunisia sat and listened to the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister. Russia’s foreign minister was to arrive in Geneva on Tuesday to attend the meeting. But citing the ban imposed by European countries, he canceled his trip. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of committing war crimes. On Tuesday, he released a video message saying that Russia had killed civilians. He said that no one will forget or forgive this cruelty of Russia.


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