The game of check and check continues in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. A month earlier, the Ukrainian army had driven Russia out of a big city like Kharkiv and it was publicized as the defeat of the Russian army. Now the Russian army is once again on the offensive and has claimed the occupation of Kharkiv. On Tuesday, the Russian army claimed that it had captured Kharkiv. “Russian military units have captured Gorobivka in Kharkiv as part of an offensive,” Russia’s defense ministry said. This is the same area from where the Russian army had to retreat.

Deadly weapons found by Russia, ‘suicide drones’ wreaking havoc in Ukraine

Meanwhile, Ukraine has claimed that two civilians were killed in a Russian missile attack on Tuesday. Russia fired a missile targeting a power station, killing two people. Ukrainian authorities say there have been incidents of explosions, fires and power outages as a result of the attack. Dark black smoke was seen rising near the power station after the missile was fired. Due to this, the lights were turned off in many areas, but later the supply was restored. Kyiv’s administration says two people have been killed and one seriously injured in the attack.

Zelensky said – 30 percent of our power houses destroyed

Volodymyr Zelensky on Russia’s attack: ‘The atrocities on Ukraine continue. He is trying his best to intimidate and kill the civilians. He said that 30 percent of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed in Russian air strikes. Russia has been on the offensive since October 10. Local officials said that in Tuesday’s attacks, Russian forces only targeted power supply installations in Kharkiv. Electricity and water supply has been affected in the northern city of Jhytomyr.

Russia is giving more pain to Ukraine than suicide drones

Russia has also carried out strong attacks through drones in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and its surrounding cities. These attacks are being carried out by Iranian drones, which have a reputation as suicide drones. These drones travel up to 2,000 km and explode near the target. They contain up to 80 kg of explosives. As a result, buildings collapse. These attacks are causing great damage in Ukraine and Russia is not having to use its power too much. Let us tell you that the practice of drone warfare has started all over the world in the last few years. We also see in India that drones with a large number of explosives have been sent by Pakistan in the last few months. India has also started working on this technology.


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