Under the new rules, a woman candidate with more than three months pregnancy would have been considered “temporarily unfit”

State Bank of India (SBI) has suspended its revised instructions regarding recruitment of pregnant women candidates after criticism by certain section of the media.

“In view of the public sentiments, SBI has decided to keep the revised instructions regarding recruitment of pregnant women candidates in abeyance and continue with the existing instructions in the matter,” SBI said in a statement.

SBI said it has recently reviewed the various ‘Fitness Standards for Recruitment’ in the bank, including norms for Pregnant Women candidates. 

“The revised guidelines were intended to provide clarity on various health parameters where instructions were not clear or were very old. In some sections of the media, the revision in norms in this regard has been interpreted as discriminatory against women,” it said.

“SBI has always been proactive towards the care and empowerment of its women employees who now constitute around 25% of our workforce,” it added.

During the COVID period, as per Government instructions, pregnant women employees were exempted from attending office and allowed to Work From Home, the bank said. 

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