NEW DELHI: Infosys(Rs. 2219.87 crore), RIL(Rs. 1005.48 crore), HDFC Bank(Rs. 921.76 crore), HDFC(Rs. 904.80 crore), Federal Bank(Rs. 828.46 crore), MindTree(Rs. 800.46 crore) crore), HCL Tech(Rs. 750.53 crore), ICICI Bank(Rs. 715.27 crore), TCS(Rs. 699.96 crore) and Axis Bank(Rs. 663.49 crore) were among the most traded securities on the National Stock Exchange in Friday’s session.

The NSE Nifty index ended the session 171.35 points up at 17185.7, while BSE Sensex rose 684.64 points to 57919.97.

In the Nifty index,

.(up 3.83 per cent), .(up 3.26 per cent), .(up 2.64 per cent), UPL Ltd.(up 2.17 per cent) and .(up 2.08 per cent) stood among the top gainers.

On the other hand,

.(down 1.73 per cent), Mahindra & .(down 1.43 per cent), .(down 1.25 per cent), .(down 1.10 per cent) and .(down 0.95 per cent) were among the top losers of the day.


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