Surya Grahan date time in India : Having two eclipses within a fortnight is not auspicious for the world. Even in the Mahabharata period, there were two solar eclipses in 15 days. At that time there was a great war in which lakhs of people were killed. These things were said by Pt. Shivpujan Chaturvedi. He was presiding over a discussion organized by the Vedic Educational Research Society on Thursday to discuss the effects of celestial phenomena. He said that even at present there is tension everywhere in the world. The world is standing on the brink of world war. Humanity is in dire straits. People in the world are suffering from deprivation, hunger and intense physical-mental stress. Can’t understand any solution. In such a situation, there is no other way but to take refuge in the Vedas, the other source of human knowledge. He said that in the Vedas there are infallible mantras and laws of yajnas to avert great destruction and evil. By adopting them the world can be saved.

The special guest was the former chairman of the Faculty of Sanskrit Vidya and Dharma Vigyan of BHU, Prof. Chandra Pandey called upon the great powers to leave the path of hatred and war and take refuge in the Vedas. Faculty Prof. Ramjivan Mishra said that the scholars of Kashi should try to pacify the disturbances created in nature through yagyas while following Vedic religion.

Surya Grahan Kab Hai: Solar eclipse will take place on this day, all temples will be closed from morning

Solar eclipse period in Kashi: 25 October
-Sparsh: 04:42 PM
Mid-time: 05:02 PM
Mokshakal: 05:22 PM
-Sunset: 05:37 PM
Solar eclipse will end 15 minutes before sunset
The total duration of solar eclipse is 7 hours 5 minutes but total solar eclipse in Kashi is of 40 minutes.
Khagras lunar eclipse will be visible on November 8

Effect of eclipse on zodiac signs:
There is a solar eclipse on Libra this year. The effects on different zodiac signs will be as follows. Aries: Female Anxiety, Taurus: Soukhya, Gemini: Anxiety, Cancer: Anxiety, Leo: Success, Virgo: Loss, Libra: Ambush, Scorpio: Loss, Sagittarius: Gain, Capricorn: Happiness, Aquarius: Manaash, Pisces: Deathlike Suffering .

When will it take sutak ( surya grahan sutak time )
This time there is a solar eclipse on 25 October. The solar eclipse will be from 4:42 pm to 5:22 pm. The Sutak period of the eclipse will start 12 hours before this. That is, the solar eclipse will start from October 24 itself. The doors of the temples remain closed during the Sutak period.

26 Gordhavan Puja, Chitragupta Puja on 27th and Bhai Dooj
Pandit Rameshchandra Tripathi explains that according to Kashi Panchang, due to being a Sutak, there is Govardhan Puja on 26 October. A day later, on October 27, Chitragupta Puja and Bhai Dooj will be celebrated. According to the Panchang, the entry of Dwitiya Tithi is going on 26 October at 02:42 pm, which will remain till 12:45 pm on the next day 27. Therefore, it would be appropriate to celebrate Chitragupta Puja on 27th.


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