Tanushree Dutta had made many shocking allegations against Nana Patekar during the MeToo movement. Now in a recent interview, he has told that when he narrated his ordeal to the people, an attempt was made to kill him. Tanushree Dutta has earlier said that anything can happen to her. Actor Nana Patekar, his legal team and Bollywood mafia will be responsible for this.

Tanushree suspects med

Tanushree Dutta told that the brakes of her car were damaged when she was in Ujjain. This has happened many times. Tanushree told FM Canada, I had an accident and it was a very bad accident. The injuries in this took a long time to heal and a lot of blood was lost. Tanushree feels that once someone tried to poison her. She told that she kept a med at her house after which she slowly started falling ill. Tanushree said, I suspect that she was mixing something in my water. Also read: Tanushree Dutta’s post created panic, said- ‘If something happens, Nana Patekar, his Bollywood mafia friend is responsible’

wanted to make a comeback

Tanushree came back to India in 2020 after the MeToo movement. She had told that she is trying to make a comeback in the industry but people are being advised not to work with her. She wrote that she is trying to restart her career. People want to work with him. He got a few projects and web shows but suddenly the directors go into incognito mode or the sponsors back out.

These people were accused

Let us tell you that in the year 2018, Tanushree Dutta raised her voice during the MeToo movement. He had accused Nana Patekar, choreographer Ganesh Acharya and director Vivek Agnihotri of misbehavior during the film Horn OK Please.


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