French cement company Lafarge had given $17 million to the Islamic State group to keep a plant open in Syria. In this case, charges have been framed against the company in a US court. Along with this, a fine of about $ 800 million has also been imposed. It has been described by the US Department of Justice as the first case of its kind.

Money spent on middlemen also: News agency AFP quoted Lafarge as saying that the company has accepted its blame. The cement company has also admitted that it paid $12.8 million to middlemen in 2013 and 2014 to keep its Syrian cement factory running. However, other companies thought it better to withdraw their business from the country.

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What the company has to say: Lafarge has acknowledged that the behavior was an open violation of the Code of Conduct. The company said that we are deeply sorry that this conduct occurred. Holcim Group, the Swiss conglomerate that acquired Lafarge in 2015, said it only became aware of the allegations in 2016 and began its investigation and cooperated with US justice officials. The group said Holcim was not involved in any of the conduct.


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