Reasons Responsible for Kid’s Jealousy: You must have seen many such children around you who start crying at the sight of another child in the mother’s lap or start getting irritated with those children when the parents praise other children. Do you know that both these things are a sign of creating a feeling of jealousy in children. Let us know after all what are the reasons, symptoms and causes of jealousy in children and how it can be explained to jealous children.

These things cause jealousy in children –
Over-protecting parents

Over-protecting nature of parents can affect the child’s self-confidence in a wrong way. Such a child is always dependent on his parents or some other person for his safety. But when the parent starts loving the other child, then the fear of losing his security may arise in the mind of this child, which can become a reason for jealousy in the child.

Compare baby
Most parents compare their child with the rest of the kids around them. Whether it is a matter of reading, writing or learning something new, do not do this at all. Such behavior of parents can generate feelings of jealousy in children.

more strict-
Some parents consider it good to keep their child tied in the rules. But such children may consider themselves weaker than other children in future. Due to which there may be a feeling of jealousy towards other children in their mind.

According to a research, around 40 lakh children under the age of 5 consider their siblings as their rivals. Along with school, such children keep trying to prove themselves better at home as well. Because of which there may be a feeling of jealousy or fights between them.

excessively pampered-
An over-pampered child may feel insecure. Because of this, a feeling of jealousy may arise in him towards the new child or that new member.

Signs of a jealous child
The child being angry with his sibling or other child.
Seeing the care of siblings, the child’s heart becomes depressed.
– The child imitating the behavior of another child.

Tips to protect your child from jealousy
Whenever parents get time, definitely talk to their children. By doing this, friendly behavior will be created between the child and the parents and the feeling of jealousy will be removed from the mind of the child.
Playing can improve children’s mental health. Parents help children to play outdoor or indoor games whenever they get time.
Treat every child in the house equally. For example, distribute toys, clothes or other items among children in equal amounts.


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