On hearing the name of Palak Paneer, the mouth starts watering. In such a situation, if you also like palak paneer, then you should know some basic tips to make palak paneer in restaurant style. Many people complain that when they make palak paneer at home, it doesn’t taste good or it turns bitter. To prevent spinach from becoming bitter, you should take care of some things while cooking, otherwise palak paneer will not become tasty and you will find the taste of spinach too bitter. Come, let’s know some tips-

do not add bay leaf
If you are making green vegetables, then never put bay leaves in it. Doing this changes the taste of the vegetables. Especially the taste of spinach is bitter. Bay leaves should be used only in making spicy vegetables.

do not add garam masala
If you want to preserve the nutritional value of spinach, then never use too much garam masala in it. By doing this the taste of spinach-paneer will also deteriorate and your spices will also go waste.

coriander powder
Coriander powder is very hot. In such a situation, if you put more coriander powder in spinach, then it starts feeling a burning sensation in the throat. In such a situation, it is very important that never add coriander powder to spinach-paneer.

Cooking spinach for too long destroys its goodness. Along with this, only the test of cheese starts coming in the vegetable. In such a situation, it is very important to grind the spinach by steaming it for 7-8 minutes and then add spinach in the last.

Due to these mistakes, semolina pudding cannot be made delicious


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