How To Stop Overthinking: Often some people have a habit that they start overthinking in the relationship, that is, they overthink. Because of this habit of people, many times they spoil their relationship. However, people who do this do not realize at all that they are overthinking. This is a kind of mental problem, from which it is very important to get out. If you also feel that you start overthinking many times in your relationship, then these tips by Dr. Chandni, Founder and Director of Gateway of Healing and Psychotherapist will help you to get out of this problem.

How to recognize overthinking
Thinking about one thing over and over and fighting with your partner over and over because of your thinking is one of the signs of overthinking.
One of the signs of overthinking is calling over and over again.
Making decisions based on one’s own thinking is one of the symptoms of overthinking.

How to stop overthinking?
1- The habit of overthinking arises due to some fear or anxiety. In such a situation, to prevent this problem, first of all, recognize the fear and anxiety.
2- Think about what will be the result of the thoughts that are coming in your mind. When you already know the consequences, facing your fears will feel normal. By doing this the problem of overthinking can be solved.
3-You should avoid checking text messages and social media posts from time to time. Do not try to analyze a message and also avoid sitting on social for hours.
4- If you feel that there are some trust issues, then in such a situation, talk to someone whose point of view is slightly different from yours. For this you can talk to a close friend or parent.
5- If you stay alone, you will think more. In such a situation, if you share problems with others, it will help you to see things from a different perspective.
6-Overthinking is when you sit idle and your mind is not focused on other tasks. In such a situation, try to do some creative work in your free time.
7- If you are not able to get out of this problem and your thoughts are having a negative effect on their life and relationship, then in such a situation, take the help of an expert. Experts will help you out of this situation.


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